Pripaus Toxin™ aka Bocox

Novel use of Botox for Erectile Dysfunction

  • Minimally Invasive Treatment

  • Harder & Stronger Erections

  • Increased Penis Length

  • Added Confidence

Is the Priapus Toxin™ Treatment Right For You?

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May & June Special

Buy a Bocox 50 or 100 Procedure and receive 10 free units of Botox to be used for a facial add on.  Expires June 30, 2024.  Must schedule with Jackie!

How does the Priapus Toxin™ procedure improve erections?

You are probably wondering how a Botox treatment, which is to relax muscles, can aid erections. The answer is Botox that relaxes the smooth muscles that control blood flow through the arteries of the penis.  When the smooth muscle relaxes, the arteries increase in diameter, and more blood flows into the penis—causing improved erection and increased length.

This increase in erection firmness by increasing arterial flow is exactly how Viagra and Tri-mix injections work. In two separate studies, the injection of Botox was helpful to many men for whom Viagra and Cialis had quit working.

Pripaus Toxin™ is:

  • Minimally invasive procedure

  • Non-surgical

  • Improves quality of erections

  • Quick procedure, typically less than an hour

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How does the procedure worK?

Before the start of your treatment, we will discuss all steps of the procedure with you and help you determine how much Botox is needed. The penis will then be numbed using topical anesthesia. Once you are numb and comfortable, we will begin administering the Botox  with a two injection sites.

Exactly how much product is used will depend on your discussion with your MenRegen team member and your personal preference. The procedure lasts approximately one hour.  Th effects of the Botox will be noticeable within 1-2 weeks and the effects last 3-6 months.

Priapus Toxin™ aka Bocox in the News

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Supercharge your Bocox Treatment with a Priapus Shot Combo

Priapus Toxin can be mixed with your PRP and the Priapus Shot.  This treatment provides dual mechanisms for a long-lasting, comprehensive improvement in sexual performance. Check out our Priapus Shot at the link below to learn more. Call us today at 720-710-8859 to book an appointment.

Priapus Shot Page

I am amazed how the treatment has increased the quality of my erections and my sex life

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