Dermal fillers

At MenRegen, we expertly use dermal fillers in key areas of the face to enhance lost volume due to aging.  These hyaluronic acid based products such as Juvederm and Restylane are natural gel fillers that are used to enhance and volumize areas of the body such as cheeks, eyes, lips and nose. Dermal fillers can be placed at multiple depths in the skin to fill lines, wrinkles and correct mild to moderate volume loss. Schedule a consultation with one of the men’s wellness experts at MenRegen to learn more about dermal fillers.

  • More Youthful Appearance

  • Replace Lost Facial Volume

  • Reduce Wrinkles & Folds

  • Augment lips & chin

  • Eliminate bumps and acne scars

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MenRegen Dermafiller Treatments

At MenRegen, we believe in using clinically-proven and safe anti-aging products to give our clients the best results. With dermal filler treatments, we can help you eliminate enhance the natural volume of your skin. These injections are simple, comfortable and long lasting. Schedule a consultation with one of the men’s wellness experts at MenRegen to learn more.

The Procedure

After consulting with you to decide which areas of your face require treatment, your MenRegen specialist will begin administering the chosen dermal filler with a series of injections. Ice or topical anesthesia may be used to numb the face in advance, although most patients find treatments to be comfortable enough on their own. The injections will be spread throughout the targeted area to ensure even and full coverage.

Treatments typically take about 30 minutes. The volume of product used during your appointment will depend on your desired results and your MenRegen team member’s professional recommendation. After your treatment, you are free to immediately return home and resume normal activities, no downtime necessary.

What results can I expect?

After treatment, mild swelling and bruising may appear on the injection spots.  The redness and swelling will only last for a few hours, but some may experience bruising for several days.

Your more youthful results from dermal filler injections are instantaneous and can last an average of one year!


Dermal Filler Price per syringe

RESTYLANE 1 ml. – 425
RESTYLANE LYFT 1 ml. – 475
BELOTERO 1 ml. – 475
VERSA 1.2 ml. – 525
RADIESSE 1.5 ml. – 575

Juvederm Video

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