Bring back the REAL you. Your energy should not be limited from the aging process. Peptide Therapy has been clinically shown to raise growth hormones and raise energy levels to prime you back closer to your prime.

Peptide Therapy Can:

  • Increase energy levels & Stamina

  • Reduce body fat

  • Increase libido

  • Increase HGH

  • And More!

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What is Peptide Therapy?

Peptides are made from amino acids that are linked together. They can be thought of as a small protein. They have many functions in the body including signaling and messaging. Some may act like neurotransmitters, while others may act like hormones. They bind to receptors on the cell surface and tell other cells and molecules what to do. Peptides are very specific which makes them safe, well tolerated and more importantly allow them to control and influence how our bodies react to physical exercise and diet.

As of January 2015, there were over 60 US FDA-approved peptide medications, 140 peptide drugs being evaluated in clinical trials, and 500 in pre- clinical development. As we age, production of essential amino acids and peptides decreases. As a result, our bodies begin to show signs of aging and cease to perform at an optimal level. Most peptide medications are administered subcutaneously but can also come in the form of transdermal creams, nasal sprays, and oral tablets.

Benefits of Peptide Treatment:

  • Can increased lean muscle development

  • Can improve sleep quality

  • Can improve mental focus & clarity

  • Can increase in sex drive and libido

  • Can reduce abdominal body fat

  • Can relieve joint pain

  • Can support immunity

  • Can increase skin pigmentation for tanning aesthetics

  • Can improve energy levels

  • Can increase recovery time from injury or surgery

  • Can improve workouts, stamina, and recovery

  • Can increase natural HGH (growth hormone) and IGF-1 production

  • Can boost healthy levels of growth hormone

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Am I a Good Candidate for Peptide Therapy

After you consultation, Dr. Zakany (Dr. Z) determines if you’re a good candidate for peptide therapy. There is a wide range of peptide therapy options and solutions, Dr. Z and his team will review all of your markers and goals to make their decision.

Comprehensive Hormone Management

At MenRegen, we have been specializing in hormone therapy and mens have for for 30 years. Dr. Z works hand in hand with you to manage your hormones on the monthly basis to ensure you are living the best you, safe and with a care professional.  MenRegen offers hormone level tests, protocols and self administration training. Live your best life, let us manage your hormones.

Types of Peptides

Sermorelin Acetate

Sermorelin is a biological active analog of growth hormone releasing factor (GRF 1-44) which is a growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) that is naturally produced by the human brain to stimulate production and secretion of human growth hormone (HGH) by the pituitary gland. Sermorelin is not a growth hormone; it is a growth hormone secretagogue, which means that it stimulates the pituitary gland by binding to specific receptors to increase the production and secretion of HGH. As a youth, ample amounts of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) are produced so that the pituitary gland is able to provide the body with sufficient growth hormone to sustain health, vitality and otherwise normal aspects of human form and function.

While aging, GHRH declines causing reduced production and secretion of pituitary HGH and thereby increasing growth hormone insufficiencies that erode health, stamina and vitality during later life. This therapy consists of daily injections of Sermorelin acetate which stimulates the pituitary gland to produce increased natural secretion of human growth hormone. Since Sermorelin acetate is approved as safe for use in children to increase their production of growth hormone, it is considered safe for use in increasing the natural production of growth hormone in adults deficient in growth hormone. Each person’s individual needs are used to determine dosing.

Benefits of Sermorelin Acetate:

  1. Increases energy, vitality, strength and endurance

  2. Increases lean body mass by developing new muscle cells

  3. Breaks down body fat and fatty acids

  4. Improves heart function

  5. Increases calcium retention which strengthens and increases bone density

  6. Enhances the immune system and accelerates healing from wounds or surgery

  7. Promotes non-REM slow wave sleep Increases protein synthesis and stimulates the growth of all internal organs except the brain

  8. Reduces liver uptake of glucose, an effect that opposes that of insulin

  9. Promotes liver glycogenesis

  10. Plays a role in fuel homeostasis

  11. Contributes to the maintenance and function of pancreatic islets

BPC 157

BPC 157, composed of 15 amino acids, is a partial sequence of body protection compound (BPC) that is discovered in and isolated from human gastric juice. Experimentally it has been demonstrated to accelerate the healing of many different wounds, including tendons, muscles, nervous system and superior healing of damaged ligaments. Those who suffer from discomfort due to muscle sprains, tears and damage may benefit from treatment with this peptide. It can also help aid skin burns to heal at a faster rate and increase blood flow to damaged tissues.

Benefits of BPC 157:

  1. Accelerated wound healing

  2. Anti-inflammatory

  3. Has been shown to decrease pain in damaged areas

  4. BPC 157 increases growth hormone receptors

  5. Promotes the outgrowth of tendon fibroblasts, cell survival under stress, and the migration of tendon fibroblasts

  6. Improves digestive function

  7. Protects and heals inflamed intestinal epithelium (leaky gut)

  8. It has also been shown to help in Inflammatory bowel disease

  9. Protects liver from toxic insults (alcohol, antibiotics, etc) and promotes healing

CJC 1295

CJC-1295 is a synthetic GHRH (growth hormone releasing hormone) analogue made up of 30 amino acids. It has been found to be highly effective with regards to the increase of growth hormone secretion and IGF-1 without negatively affecting the pulsatility of GH secretion. CJC-1295 is often combined with Ipamorelin due to its enhanced specificity as a GHRH. This peptide generates similar increases in growth hormone secretion, but without the appetite stimulation and increase in cortisol, acetylcholine, prolactin, and aldosterone seen with other peptides in its class. This peptide has been found to be very well-tolerated and perfect when combined with CJC-1295.

Two types of CJC 1295:

GHRH (growth hormone releasing hormone) is produced in the hypothalamus. Its pulsatile release from the hypothalamus triggers a pulsatile release of GH from the pituitary gland. GHRH has a very short half-life of only a few minutes (half-life = the time required to remove half of the substance from the blood. The shorter the half- life, the more rapidly the substance is removed from the body, and the less its effect on the body). The first 29 amino acids of GHRH is the active segment. They are available as a manufactured peptide called Sermorelin. Sermorelin was further modified to increase its half-life to 30 minutes. This is called CJC 1295. CJC-1295 was further modified by adding DAC (Drug Affinity Complex) to it. DAC binds to a blood protein called albumin, which increases its half-life to 8 days. It is called CJC 1295 + DAC. CJC 1295 can also be compounded in a non-DAC form which mimics a more normal physiologic GH spike each night. The longer half-life from the DAC binding to albumin means injections are only required once or twice per week. However, the long half-life and relatively constant blood level provide a constant stimulus for GH release from the pituitary through the GHRH receptor, which is not physiological. This can decrease the GH pulse amplitude which will result in decreased GH tissue stimulation.

Benefits of CJC-1295:

  1. CJC-1295 increases growth hormone secretion and IGF-1 Levels with no increase in prolactin

  2. Increase Body Weight and Length through increased protein synthesis

  3. Increased Muscle Growth Increase Fat Loss

  4. Increased Cellular Repair and Regeneration

  5. Promotes slow wave deep sleep which is responsible for the highest level of muscle growth and memory retention and rejuvenation


Ipamorelin is one of the latest and greatest peptides in the growth factor family. Deemed one of the safest GHRP’s, Ipamorelin is a selective growth hormone (GH) Secretagogue and Ghrelin receptor agonist. Ipamorelin is a 3rd generation GHRP, regarded as the cleanest of the GHRP’s. Ipamorelin stands out due to its enhanced specificity. This peptide generates similar increases in growth hormone secretion, but without the appetite stimulation and increase in cortisol, acetylcholine, prolactin, and aldosterone seen with other peptides in its class. This peptide has been found to be very well-tolerated. The strength is comparable to GHRP-6.

Gland Stimulated: Pituitary Gland

Benefits of Ipamorelin:

  1. Decreased body fat

  2. Increased collagen production

  3. Increased lean muscle mass

  4. Improved sleep Increased cellular repair and & Regeneration

  5. Increased IGF-1 I

  6. ncreases bone mineral content

  7. Counteracts glucocorticoid catabolic effects

  8. Less appetite stimulation than GHRP-6

  9. Less release of cortisol, prolactin and aldosterone


Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-2 (GHRP 2) is a peptide made up of just six amino acids, which stimulates secretion of endogenous GH. Research shows GHRP 2 can stimulate the pituitary to increase secretion of GH by 7-15 times, stimulating ghrelin receptors to promote appetite. GHRP 2 acts as a synthetic ghrelin analogue that stimulates the release of an endogenous growth hormone within the somatotropes of the anterior pituitary. Specifically, GHRP 2 will increase the number of somatotropes in a GH pulse by limiting the amount of somatostatin present while standard GHRH increases the amplitude at which the pituitary cells pulse. The main effects of GHRP 2 are GH secretion, appetite enhancement, fat mass decrease and muscle mass increase, lowering of cholesterol level, skin and bone strengthening, protection of the liver and anti-inflammatory action. GHRP 2 possesses many repair properties that can be attributed to its immune-boosting function. GHRP 2 has been shown to increase prolactin, aldosterone and cortisol levels and in some cases may not be the peptide of choice.


Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-6 (GHRP 6) is not an active fragment of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH). It is one of several synthetic met- enkephalin analogs that include unnatural D-amino acids that were developed for their growth hormone-releasing activity and are called growth hormone secretagogues. GHRP 6 is a true hGH secretagogue. Which means it stimulates the body’s own secretion of hGH as explained in the study below. Human Growth hormone has been shown in studies to promote lean body mass and reduce adiposity (fat). It is now known that these growth hormone-releasing peptides are distinct from GHRH and do not act at the GHRH receptor, but instead act at the growth hormone secretagogue receptor, now renamed as the ghrelin receptor. It is for this reason (gherlin like properties) patients being treated with GHRP 6 experience appetite stimulation. In therapy GHRP 6 is used to stimulate growth hormone production whilst increasing body mass. Patients deficient in growth hormone and underweight would be ideal candidates for GHRP 6.

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