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We pride ourselves on being leading-edge practitioners, relentlessly seeking the greatest advancements in modern science and revolutionary technology surrounding men’s health. For many years our WaveRegen therapy provided excellent results for our clients. However, as science persists, is it possible we’ve found a better more effective therapy to treat ED? We believe we have. 

ShockRegen is the most effective and cutting-edge treatment currently being used for erectile dysfunction (ED). 2 times more effective than WaveRegen, ShockRegen is a deeper more focused treatment that allows us to attack the root cause of ED. 

You may have heard this type of treatment referred to as Gainswave. However, “Gainswave” is not a medical procedure. Gainswave is a private company designed to educate consumers about sound wave therapy and assist a network of doctors who provide such treatments. Typically, when you hear about ED treatments that use the word “wave” they are referring to acoustic wave therapy and not shockwave therapy.

The Differences

ShockRegen is what we call focused linear shockwave therapy. It is a non-invasive and pain-free therapy that uses shock waves to travel deeper into the penis. This allows us to aim treatment to the point of root cause where soft tissue and blood vessel degeneration has occurred in the body. By breaking through any micro-plaque and stimulating the body to grow new blood vessels, we are able to reverse the condition for sustainable, long-lasting results. 

WaveRegen is a more surface level soundwave treatment that uses acoustic waves to increase blood flow to the penis. Acoustic wave therapy regenerates aging blood vessels while stimulating the production of new ones, creating comprehensive rejuvenation throughout the arteries and blood vessels of the penis. While acoustic wave therapy does not travel as deep as shockwave therapy does, it is still considered an effective treatment. 

ShockRegen and Waveregen have some similarities in their mechanisms but, there are major differences in the two devices/treatments. 


Shockwaves (ShockRegen): As mentioned above, ShockRegen uses shockwaves to travel deeper into the tissue for a more focused treatment aimed at the exact location where degeneration is occurring. The depth and focus provided generates the energy needed to reach the area where the damaged tissue resides, making ShockRegen a more potent and effective treatment for ED. 

Acoustic Waves (WaveRegen):  WaveRegen is not able to reach the same depths as ShockRegen and therefore considered a more surface-level treatment. While the treatments can still yield favorable results they are not as effective in reversing the effects of ED. 


Shockwaves (ShockRegen): There is a notable difference in pain between shockwave therapy and acoustic wave therapy. Shockwave therapy covers a deeper yet smaller surface area and has hardly any sensation at all, and requires no numbing cream.  

Acoustic Waves (WaveRegen): Acoustic wave therapy, being a more surface-level treatment, covers a wider surface area making it slightly more painful. This requires the use of a topical numbing cream to ensure you remain comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure.


ShockRegen treatments are 2 times as effective as WaveRegen treatments with a slightly higher price point. 

Number of sessions

Because ShockRegen is a more focused treatment and twice as effective, it may be possible to see great results in fewer sessions than that of WaveRegen. However, all results along with the number of treatments are dependent upon the stage of degeneration for each individual. 

It’s important to remember that everybody is different and there is no “one size fits all” treatment plan. While some patients may experience improvements from a single treatment, most patients need a number of appointments for truly noticeable and long-lasting results. Appointments can be scheduled once or twice per week, depending on your preference and your MenRegen specialist’s recommendation. 

ShockRegenMost Recommended

$ 450

Per Treatment
Buy 5 treatments get 1 free!

WAVEREGENCheaper Than Gainswave

$ 300

Per Treatment
Buy 5 treatments get 1 free!


For the most effective, sustainable, and pain-free treatment, we recommend ShockRegen as our number one choice. While WaveRegen is still an effective treatment, the technology of ShockRegen remains superior over any treatment available to date. 

If you are interested in a long-lasting and effective treatment that targets the actual cause of your ED and not just the symptoms, then ShockRegen treatments may be just what you need. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today to find out what’s right for you.

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