Men’s Health and Sexual Wellness Clinic in the Denver area including Westminster, Lafayette and Englewood, CO

MenRegen is the leading Men’s Health and Sexual Wellness Clinic in the Denver area including Westminster, Lafayette and Englewood, CO.

At MenRegen, we are committed to staying at the forefront of men’s health. Practicing the most up to date science and techniques, we offer innovative treatments including the P-shot, WaveRegen and exosomes to maximize sexual wellness.

Priapus Shot – P-Shot

The Priapus Shot, or P-Shot, is a nonsurgical treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate tissues and blood flow in the penis. With just a single P-Shot treatment, you can expect a noticeable and satisfying improvement in the strength, frequency and longevity of your erections. At MenRegen, our team of men’s wellness experts are ready to help you get your groove back. With the P-Shot, we are excited to offer our patients an effective, safe and medically-proven treatment for their ED.


WaveRegen is a shockwave therapy treatment that uses acoustic waves to increase blood flow to the penis. The debilitating symptoms of ED stem from a lack of proper blood circulation that gradually worsens due to aging. Since erections are a direct result of increased blood flow to the penis, inefficient or dormant blood vessels can make achieving and maintaining satisfying erections challenging or even impossible for many men.

Acoustic wave therapy, also known as shockwave therapy, using pulses of sound waves to break up plaque that accumulates in the arteries of the penis, opening them up to increase blood flow. Acoustic wave therapy regenerates aging blood vessels while stimulating the production of new vessels, creating comprehensive rejuvenation throughout the arteries and blood vessels of the penis.

Hormone Therapy

Testosterone isn’t just a sex hormone. As testosterone levels decline with age, various health problems might arise. Testosterone is essential for sexual function, but has many other uses as well. With receptor sites in the brain, heart and throughout the entire body, testosterone plays a pivotal role for men and women in maintaining lean body mass, skin elasticity, libido and healthy immune system. Testosterone ensures proper heart function, regulates mood and aids brain function (cognition); it controls blood sugar, regulates healthy cholesterol, controls blood pressure, can prevent heart attacks and even reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

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